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Searching for Taekwondo in Leeds?

If you are looking for a taekwondo class in North Leeds, we may have the perfect opportunity for you. We have Taekwondo sessions running 6 days a week at our Leeds Warrior Factory venue in West Park covering ages 6 to 60.

The Leeds Taekwondo classes are broken down into beginner, intermediate and advanced groups. This means that when you start your taekwondo training, you know you will be in a class with other students of a similar level.

Our Taekwondo classes use modern coaching methods and we plan and deliver them so they are not only engaging for the children, but for students of any age.  Our coaches do their best to adhere to the clubs  ‘No laps, no lines, no lectures’ rule. This helps maintain the pace of classes while keeping motivation high.

Our Leeds Taekwondo club is registered with British Taekwondo (the National Governing Body for Taekwondo in the UK) and as such, all Taekwondo instructors are certified, insured and DBS checked. 

All members that pass their Black Belt receive a Kukkiwon certificate from the world headquarters in Korea. This certificate is recognised worldwide.

Leeds taekwondo girl smiling and kicking
Leeds Taekwondo family presentation


Ever since we started teaching Taekwondo in Leeds back in 2014 we have run family taekwondo sessions. As Taekwondo is primarily a stand up striking art similar to Karate, practice lends itself to having students of different age (from 6 plus) and size training together.

At our sister club in Halifax (started in 2003), we have many families of black belts that have shared the journey together. This is something we have already started to replicate at our North Leeds Taekwondo centre and we can’t wait to produce more Black Belt families.

After stepping into our Leeds Taekwondo club, you will know that we are not just family-friendly but everything we do revolves around family. The saying ‘Families that kick together, stick together’ has never been more appropriate than for our family Taekwondo classes.

While these classes do have families training in them, you don’t need to bring your family to be able to attend. Children (6+), teenagers and adults are also welcome.

looking for a new challenge, something different?

It’s not unusual to go through long periods in life without achieving milestones you would label remarkable. We all accumulate lots of ‘stuff’, but often we feel like are capable of more. Well, this is your opportunity to achieve something you will be proud of for life. Once you earn a Black Belt in Taekwondo, it’s yours for life.

The secret is, almost everyone is capable of earning a black belt and this includes you. I am not saying it’s always going to be easy, as everyone has their ups and downs but what I can say after over 20 years of teaching is, the formula for success is pretty simple.

Turn up to classes on a consistent basis and do your best. The compound effect of training will work its magic and you will achieve something most people never will. 

It is never too late to take up this challenge and we have had quite a few members that started with their children when they were over 50 that still went on to pass their Black Belt.

Leeds taekwondo guy breaking board
Boys laughing while taking part in Taekwondo in Leeds

want to exercise without having to go to the gym or put a pair of running shoes on?

I have a confession to make, I very much dislike running. Besides not being made for running, I just find it soooooo boring. I know some people enjoy it and for them, I am sure it’s a good way to stay in shape. Personally, I prefer learning a skill where physical and mental health are developed as a by-product of the training. If you dislike running and gyms too, it may be time to get your Taekwondo on!

Social connection is not only important for well being but is also a great side effect of becoming a member of our club. Adults, children and entire families start martial arts classes for many different reasons but one of the reasons they continue to take part is the friendships they develop.

If a pill existed that could reduce major illnesses like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer by up to 50% while also reducing the risk of early death by up to 30%, it would be labelled a wonder drug. This is the positive effect that regular exercise could have on your life. Now add to this the psychological and social benefits of training and you have a programme that could really make a positive change in your life.

looking for a way to de-stress?

Taking part in Taekwondo classes at our North Leeds martial arts centre is a great way to de-stress.  When you step on the mats, all of the external stresses of your day to day life will fade into the background. Whatever you do for a living is left at the door as you focus on engaging with the Taekwondo activities at hand. 

As with any martial art, there is a level of physical activity but don’t worry if you’re not in shape yet. It is less important where you start from and more important that you just start. 

Waiting to lose weight or get fitter before you start training is like holding off attending school until you can read. You don’t need to be great to start but you need to get started to be great.

The physical training will not only help develop your overall fitness but experiencing progression as you develop your Taekwondo skills will also give you a sense of accomplishment and confidence. When you exercise, the neurotransmitter serotonin is released into the body. This can help improve your mood and lower stress levels.


How do you de stress? I like to kick things.
Family of children receiving new belts after a Leeds Taekwondo grading
Dad kicking at Taekwondo Leeds Warrior Factory club

Development for life

Family Taekwondo

Although taekwondo has its roots in the military, (like Karate and Ju-Jitsu), you will not be asked to address the instructor in your class as Sir, Master or any other title. While we still have rules for training in class, these are less about wielding power over members and more about making sure everyone is respected and gets to train in a positive and safe environment. 

You will not be given 50 burpees for not tying your belt properly and at no point will you feel that you are in a military camp. Will we encourage you to put in a little more effort if we think you are capable of it? Of course, but we understand that everyone is different and as such, will progress at their own speed. The great thing about training at a supportive martial arts club is that while everyone trains together as a team, you ultimately progress at your own pace. It may take 4 years to achieve the grade of Black Belt or it may take 8 years. Although it is great to see students reach milestones in training, enjoying the journey is just as important. 

We have been running Taekwondo classes in Leeds since 2014 and as such, we now have a great range of ages and abilities training with us. Our Leeds family Taekwondo classes are open age and are great for families, adults and teenagers to train together.  

While we are happy for our members to just come along and train, we are a pretty social club and we run events on a regular basis. Besides the Taekwondo gradings, we also have seminars, competitions, social get-togethers, annual charity events like bake sales and sponsored events like abseiling, swimming, ziplining and fun runs. While you do not have to participate in these events, we do feel that the social side of our club is what helps our members build long-lasting relationships with the staff and each other.

As well as the regular training, each member gets access to our online portal. This contains video tutorials on the British Taekwondo recognised syllabus we use. This is all included in the price and is great for a little pre-grading training at home. To encourage families to train together we also operate a family discount system that makes classes affordable for families to train together. There has never been a better time to join our martial arts leeds centre.


What happens in our............

Leeds Taekwondo classes

Taekwondo techniques

In our Taekwondo classes, you will learn various techniques and combinations from our Taekwondo syllabus including hand strikes, blocks, stances and lots of kicks.


Taekwondo patterns are a sequence of movements practised together to simulate various defensive and offensive scenarios. They can be practice solo or with a partner or group. 

Confidence, self control and leadership Skills

Our classes focus on building a growth mindset and helping our members develop the grit needed to progress, even when the going gets tough. This is how our members build black belt confidence.

Self defence

When you join our Taekwondo programme, you begin the journey towards black belt and beyond. This training includes various self-defence techniques and exercises.

Physical Fitness

Although you don’t need to be fit to start your Taekwondo training, you will develop your fitness along your journey. Developing physical fitness is not only good for your body, but your mind too.


As part of training, students will develop the fundamentals of sparring. While we have some international Taekwondo players at the club, taking part in competitions is very much optional.

What do our customers think?

Warrior Factory Martial Arts Academy Leeds
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Andy Neal
Andy Neal
20:38 22 Apr 24
My son has been attending Warrior Factory since he was three and he’s now eleven. The team at Warrior Factory have always been brilliant and work so hard to help their students develop on so many leve
Laura Ann
Laura Ann
11:46 01 Oct 22
Both my children love attending these classes. Staff are friendly, welcoming and keep the sessions fun and interactive. The club is a family and both my children have made many new friends, whilst having fun.

The dragons classes are made up of lots of multi skills activities chunked into smaller burst which prevent the kids from becoming disinterested and disruptive. Making them manageable and enjoyable.

The juniors classes give the children different opportunities to practise the varying skills they need to pass their gradings. They are given individual feedback in order to help them improve and continue to progress at the right rate for them.

The classes allow everyone to grow in confidence and ultimately have lots of fun
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Sherri Godsell
Sherri Godsell
14:08 04 Jul 22
My son really loves attending his classes here. Great for building confidence. Fantastic, skilled instructors who keep the classes varied and enjoyable. Highly recommended.
Ijjub Gup
Ijjub Gup
19:18 04 Apr 22
Fantastic team
Brilliant teachers
Very good work ethic
Helping overall development of kids
Children enjoy and look forward to classes every week, twice a week
Natasha Bug Riley
Natasha Bug Riley
11:10 22 Jan 22
Absolutely lovely staff who are really good with the kids. There is always a great range of activities to keep the kids interested and developing new skills. They are flexible with days if you can’t make your usual class, which is amazing.

It’s very thoughtful that at the end of some classes they sit the kids down to discuss that the moves they use in class aren’t for home, school etc.

Would highly recommend as a friendly and fun kids martial arts class!
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Natthi Sowray
Natthi Sowray
22:22 05 Jul 19
it feeling like you be with your family x
Ian Fletcher
Ian Fletcher
19:50 01 May 19
just done my first taster session at warrior factory. very enjoyable and instructor very professional
Michael Jones
Michael Jones
20:56 04 Dec 17
Feel like had a real good workout and learned a lot
Lynsey Cooper
Lynsey Cooper
17:04 30 Nov 17
Tatjana Sproge
Tatjana Sproge
15:08 05 Nov 17
Mark Levine
Mark Levine
15:58 27 Mar 17
Donna Alderson
Donna Alderson
20:47 13 Jan 17
I started at the Warrior Factory in February 2015 at the age of 46, I felt like a fish out of water at the first but all the instructors were really supportive and gave me lots of encouragement as I struggle with co-ordination . At first there weren’t many adults training but the numbers have really increased since I started. What I enjoy most about learning taekwondo at the Warrior Factory is not only learning a new sport and getting fit but how training has really helped my confidence to believe in myself that I can achieve and learn new skills. I even competed in my first sparring competition at 48! My aim is to get my black belt by the time I’m 50 and I’m on target. You are never too old to learn a new skill I’m proof of more
Bradlee Paul
Bradlee Paul
23:22 02 Nov 16
Sasha Struthers
Sasha Struthers
21:57 02 Nov 16
Jessica Darling
Jessica Darling
21:53 02 Nov 16
Abbey Booth
Abbey Booth
10:30 02 Nov 16
Sarah Harrison
Sarah Harrison
14:01 16 Apr 16
Mosy Tkd
Mosy Tkd
23:20 13 Sep 14
Stephen Cocker
Stephen Cocker
22:05 20 Jun 14
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